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Help for Business Owners

We’ll help you answer--


What issues are key in forming a new business?  Should it be legally separate from an existing business you own or does it make sense to keep them legally related? 


What happens if my partner suddenly needs to leave the business?  How do we get a business “divorce”?


Should I sign this lease?


What do I need to know about employment issues to keep out of trouble?


How can I pass my business on to my heirs—or should I?


What can we do about an unfair bidding process?   Can we litigate and win?



We’ll also help you frame the many other questions that must be answered to protect you and let you prosper and enjoy your business.

The Blauvelt Law Firm is located in the historic Livestock Exchange Building in Kansas City, Missouri.

This old building is near our office at the former stockyards  & reminds us of Kansas City’s past as an agricultural center.